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Create Tapestries With Easy-To-Use Kits

The Royal Gallery Of Needlepoint Tapestries is pleased to provide our new and loyal customers with beautiful and exciting embroidery kits available from around the world. Shop our exceptional tapestries from Europe that add an air of elegance to your home or office.

European Canvases

Choose from a variety of high-end European canvases featuring wooden and classic designs. We carry Margot, SEG, Collection D'Art, Royal Paris, and Grafitec. Our classic tapestries are designed from museum pieces created by such renowned artists as:

• Van Gogh • Monet • Renoir • Fragonard • Klimt

Tapestry Kits

Do you enjoy embroidering? Are you searching for new hobby? Order our high-quality canvases, or try our tapestry kits with brief easy-to-follow needlepoint instructions. Your kit features a 100% double weave canvas, called Penelope, or a white cotton canvas, called White Penelope. The canvases may be stitched in either half-cross or tent stitch. Buy a kit for yourself or as a present, as they are perfect for every setting and for every skill level. Best of all, it's a gift that keeps on giving because you can frame your creation or showcase it anywhere you like.  Tapestry kits include:

• A Canvas Painted In Full Color
• DMC Tapestry Wool
• Needle

• Needle Threader
• Brief Instruction

Bag with Tapestry

Adult Tiger and Two Cubs Tapestry Design

Tapestry Gifts

Embroidered items make valuable gifts because they are handmade. Choose from a variety of options to stitch for the perfect present for men, women, and children. Our selection features subjects such as:

•Masters  •Verdures •Religious •Landscapes •Birds
•Wildlife •Cushions • Dogs •Cats •Still Life
• Sea Life •Floral •And Many More

Cross Stitch

Buy our cross stitch canvas available with or without yarn or thread. This includes:

• Color Chart • Canvas • Needle • Yarn

Embroidery Options

All embroidery is stamped on cotton or damask fabric. They are available without thread.

Order Today

We are proud to offer a quick turnaround as soon as your order comes through. You will receive an email from our team within 24 hours of your purchase to confirm that your choice is available.

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Because of the uniqueness and desire of the fibers any kits will be customized for the recipients. Therefore please contact the Royal Gallery for customized kitting and pricing.